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The ethos of Artframe Solution is to offer a circle of services under one roof for the creative individual, organisation or club in a unique, friendly environment not matched by any other in the surrounding area.

It all starts with learning and creating art - to framing and displaying the art - to promotional advice and design - to exhibiting and selling. Artframe Solution is the BASE where art is born ....

We are always looking to grow as a creative space and are always open to new and fresh ideas from students, artists, designers and organisations/clubs. We also support, with a passion, local and national charities through our exhibitions and events linked to charitable organisations.

Because we are the creative space of Plymouth all under ONE roof - our local art and creative community can benefit from the large space and all the facillities that Artframe Solution has to offer:
Art classes & workshops - Framing - Exhibition space - Mentoring for new artists - Pottery - Jewellery - Paintings - Prints - Cards.
Who are we?
A bunch of like-minded artists, framers and designers with over 10 years of combined experience within the arts and design industry - Sean James, Framer & Graphics Designer.
Our Mission
To provide a complete creative environment to serve the local arts and design community whatever their standard!


All under one roof serving the local creative community.

This is the creative space of Plymouth - our local art and creative community can benefit from the large space and all the facilities that Artframe Solution has to offer:

Art classes & workshops - Art Gallery - Framing - Web & Graphic Design - Exhibition space - Mentoring for new artists - Paintings - Prints - Cards.

Meet other like minded artists in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Share tips, techniques and ideas in the studio or over coffee and biscuits.

    We offer a bespoke, personalised framing service.


    For all budding artists whatever their level, set in a friendly atmosphere.


    We have a large, very light airy art gallery & exhibition space.


Professional framing solutions.

At Artframe Solution we offer a bespoke, personalised framing service as a drop in facility or pre-arranged appointment. All our advice is tailored to each and every individual requirement.

We focus on custom made frames and the best set-up for your art and photographic needs within your budget.

We are able to offer framing for unusual objects which can make an ideal, individual personal gift. These are boxed frame and can include such objects as: medals, football shirts, boxing gloves, you name it we can frame it!... read more.

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Rachael Foster

Rachael's work is typified by affectionate parody, gentle wit and technical precision as she explores the icons and imagery of bygone eras. This series captures the economic crafting of mid-twentieth century travel marketing art. It strives to honour the astonishing and painstaking precision of this form, while paying homage to postcard visions of both her native New Zealand and her new home in Devon, England.


Find your freedom

Words by Jonny Rowden
Those times where the heart simultaneously yearns for the freedom and whimsy of youth, yet the comfort and wisdom of age; when memories crystallise around borrowed nostalgia from an unlived era; where long, lazy summer evenings and salt-licked beach trips seemed all there was; and daily life was punctuated by questionable marketing messages and culturally accepted sexual objectification; where men were men, soaked in grease and beer, and women sat in leather corsets astride giant, phallic Coke bottles.

Pin Ups

September 2010
Shed 5, 90 Wellesley Street, Auckland

I’ve spent three years in cahoots, painting between the lights to produce this series of spivv Pin-up’s, a collection fresh off the press. Most of you know I have a huge love for 40s & 50’s Americana and understand how much it influences my art & my life.
It’s a place where every mundane snippet of life is so stylish yet false. The American dream had some of life’s most important things; sharp threads, confidently combined colour’s, out of this world tunes by the likes of Elvis & Chuck Berry, pastel Cadillac’s dander with their tailfins and figaries, and of course the main inspiration of all this… heaven-sent Rita, Brigitte & Marilyn, the lush knock outs of the era considered rebellious, against those fearful, oppressive, religious, buttoned-down types. We look back with a chuckle that life was savoured with an aspirin each morning, two packs of cigarettes a day while on the tare with scotch before driving home three quarters tore in your colleagues’ car.
image3 copy
Pin-up’s were the perfect hour-glass shape, with a tiny waist about two-thirds the circumference of her bust to hips. It’s a time, long before the need for designer vaginas or pubic hair styling, still one of the hidden mysteries left to the imagination.
They were made for slapdash display, flaunted on calendars, paraded on postcards and pinned up in mechanic’s grubby workshops and secretively tucked behind their sun-visors. Playboy’s Hugh Hefner granted you permission to gawk without guilt at the boobs you had been having a gander at anyway, but not like an animal, not like a redneck, like a cosmopolitan of the world, a connoisseur of fine women, fine wine, and leather clothing. He stripped small town sexuality of Protestant fear & Catholic sham and came up with what can only be called the velvet revolution confronting the gap between what we are told and what we know. Elegant, sophisticated and aimed to civilize the savages.

We like to think of New Zealand as friendly country, but it’s a bit behind the rest of the world and a tad wet behind the ears, which is evident in our delight for the things we relate to as iconic, which in reality aren’t ‘kiwi’ anymore as most of our brands were sold off years ago, scoffed up by big American companies & we now languish in the WallMart effect.
These iconic consumables initially capture us with their boldness and immediacy. They signify our past, our home grown culture & do-it-yourself, number 8 wire mentality. They tell a real story of life in what will hopefully be, a bygone, but remembered time as New Zealand moves forward. Let’s call it the end of the Golden Weather, our glory days.
I love the barely-veiled conformity slogans of 1950s advertising telling you which detergent to buy and the life you could have with humorously exaggerated ways of looking at things.
Obviously these pieces were created with the idea of mixing the two ‘consumables’ together, making Pin-ups into something much more enduring on the canvas, with a poppy kiwi twist, drizzled with simple yet seductive titles which mean something a little different to what’s written on the packet. The works are certainly not chromaphobic either, in fact ridiculously bright, which is sadly often associated with being superfluous, a delusion I’d like to change. Colour is so important giving structure, meaning and emotion to art.
image2 copy
image1 copy
I am mostly self taught and my style seems to take a more backwards approach, with a vision of what I want to create; I then figure out the method that will achieve the right finish.
I push my acrylics to their limit and admit I have no patience for oils. Fleshy, naughty, but sleek they are works of art, for anybody to gloat over that wants to. Art has its privileges. I saw young girls stealing sneaky glances at them, young men engrossed, gazing at them & men hang up on their charms with pathetic interest. One of the ‘privileges of Art’ is to be sexy. The women’s erotic charge is intensified by the fact that her body is not idealized by the flowery language of classical art, but rather the lingo of desire.
Please contact the Gallery on: 01752 60 44 88 for prices on any of Rachael's work.


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